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Want the best bang for your buck? Choose from one of Joya Mia's Packages, from Bronze to Diamond. 

Diamond Package:

1 x Entire line 312 Full Set 3-in-1 matching

1 x No Cleanse Super Shine Top Coat Refill 8oz/237ml

1 x Long Lasting Base Coat Refill 8oz/237ml

5 x Matte Top Coat 15ml

1 x Liquid Monomer - Odorless 1 Gallon

1 x Liquid Monomer - Original 1 Gallon 

1 x Acrylic Powder - Diamond Clear 32oz

1 x Acrylic Powder - Soft Pink 32oz

1 x Acrylic Powder - Pure White 32oz

1 x Acrylic Powder - Topaz Pink 32oz

1 x Marble ink Collection

1 x Marble ink Metallic Collection

1 x Spider Gel Art Set

1 x Mood Temperature Changing Gel Collection

1 x Cat Eye 9D Gel Collection

1 x Cat Eye Classic Magnetic Gel Collection 34 colors

1 x Halo Magnetic Gel Collection 16 Colors

1 x Metallic Cream Art Gel Set

1 x Magic Pens Chrome Pigments

1 x Thermal-X-4G

1 x Professional Kolinsky Nail Art Brush Set

1 x Onyx Acrylic Gel Set 7 colors

1 x Aluminix Jelly & Chrome 47 color Gel Collection

2 x Aluminix Silver Base

20 x Pedi Kit 4in1 200 Case

20 x Pedi Kit 5in1 Case

10 x No Cleanse Super Shine Top Coat 15ml **GIFT**

10 x Long Lasting Base Coat 15ml  **GIFT**

2 x Primer Prep and pH Bond Set 15ml **GIFT**

2 x 6 Steps Dipping Liquid Refill size 2oz **GIFT**

10 x Zooz Gel Remover **GIFT**

4 x Clear Powder 2oz  **GIFT**

1 x Fast Setting Liquid Monomer 4oz  **GIFT**

1 x Low Odor Clean Liquid Monomer 4oz **GIFT**

1 x Odor-out drops Peach + Apple + Cherry Almond **GIFT**

4 x Super Strong Magnets for Magnetic Gel Art **GIFT**

1 x Soak off Pad 200 count Lemon + Rose + Apple **GIFT**

1 x LED Lamp v10 - Black  **GIFT**

1 x Nail Tips (10 shapes! Almond Long+Short, Square Long+Medium, Coffin Medium+Long, Round Medium+Short, Stiletto Medium+Long) **GIFT**

1 x o2 Flow Electronic Face Mask  **GIFT**

1 x Primer Prep and pH Bond Set 15ml **GIFT**

2 x Color Chart Book Full Set **GIFT**

2 x Color Chart book Nude **GIFT**

4 x 1-6 Dipping Powder Liquid Set **GIFT**

5 x Alco Gel Apple Scent **GIFT**

1 x o2 Flow Electronic Face Mask  **GIFT**