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Suzies CLEAN ACRYLIC Monomer

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Suzie’s Clean Acrylic Monomer

Introducing Suzie’s Clean Acrylic monomer!

“This collection is designed to help you develop your liquid and powder skills. It has virtually no odour, so as you develop your skills you won’t disturb those in your household that may dislike the smell. They won’t even notice! This system includes a SLOW setting monomer, giving you lots of time to create and shape a nail before it cures— which is one reason why my system makes it easier to Master.” -Suzie

Watch Suzie’s tutorials on YouTube to learn to create ombre’s, traditional French, reverse French, chevron and nudes.

FREE printable worksheet available at

PRO TIP: When sculpting nails, once you’ve made your nail and it has cured, run it under warm water to remove the slight dispersion layer. Then proceed to file. Or simply roll off sticky layer with file. This sticky layer is what reduces the odour.

NOTE: This collection is designed to learn the art of sculpting and fine tuning your skills. Suzie suggests to learn these skills along with her printable worksheet (above). As you get better you can purchase primer and forms to do your own nails.


** All sales are final on acrylic powder and liquid monomer **

 Ingredients: ethyl methacrylate, 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate

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