Suzies FAST ACRYLIC Monomer

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Suzie’s Fast Acrylic Monomer

“This blue coloured monomer indicates a faster setting acrylic, which gives you the advantage of creating nails faster. This is so important if you are a nail technician taking clients. This monomer blends beautifully with my four colour collection of powders.”

Watch Suzie’s tutorials on YouTube to learn to create ombre’s, traditional French, reverse French, chevron and nudes. youtube.com/nailcareereducation.

PRO TIP: Trying to master the one bead is not the goal. I have seen some amazing nail techs create beautiful nails using many beads.

NOTE: This monomer is for nail techs and DIYers who are confident in building nails and want to streamline their efficiency. If you are a beginner, start with Suzie’s Clean Acrylic Monomer. It includes a SLOW setting monomer that allows time to practice sculpting before it cures.

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