Build Your Own Dip Kit

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Find out why Joya Mia's Dipping Powder is preferred over any other brand in the industry!

Want high-quality nail products that are long-lasting and nourishing for your nails? Look no further than Joya Mia's Dipping Powder Starter Kit.

Our raved-about vitamin-infused oil will give your fingers the finishing touch that will step your nail game up to the next level.

Beautiful nails start here with Joya Mia's Starter Kit.

Take a look at what is included in the package:

· Clear powder
· Essential 1 - 6 Steps liquids:

Bond (Gets rid of excess oils)
Base (Adheres the powder)
Activator (Activates the magic)
Top (Shiny top coat to complete your masterpiece)
Vitamin oil (Nourishes your fingers w/ enriched vitamins)
Brush Saver (Does exactly what it says, saves the integrity of your brushes)
No LED/UV lamp needed