100% Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush Red Chrome - Size 14 or 16 - Joya Mia

100% Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush Red Chrome - Size 14 or 16

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Stop wasting time on low-quality nail brushes. Check out the Joya Mia 100% Kolinsky Nail Brush of professional quality and fantastic durability!

Here are the crucial features of the product:

· Made of 100% kolinsky hair for extended durability
· Choose from 10 different sizes of the brush
· Wooden handle with the black matte finish
· Hard plastic tube for storing the brush

The nail experts throughout the world agree that kolinsky hair is the best choice for nail brushes because of its fine shape and exceptional quality. Joya Mia 100% Kolinsky Nail Brush follows this trend and delivers a long-lasting product to your doorstep. Every brush was designed with utmost care to secure excellent durability. A base coat was applied to the head of the brush by the manufacturer.

You can expect your Joya Mia Nail Brush to last for years. Make sure to utilize the hard plastic tube included in the package for storing the brush. If you want to get the maximum out of the product and use it later, protect it from any dirt, dust, and acrylic, by storing it in the tube.

Not only you can expect professional salon quality of the product, but you also get 10 different sizes of the nail brush to choose from. The sizes vary from 6 to 24, depending on whether you want to be detailed and precise or you are looking to increase the speed of the process.

JoyaMia 100% Kolinsky Nail Brush has a sleek design. The handle is made of wood to secure a comfortable and secure grip, while the black matte finish provides that elegant touch that modern cosmetic equipment requires.

Don’t bother with regular brushes that wear out after a couple of uses. Try Joya Mia 100% Kolinsky Nail Brush and enjoy a long-lasting product that delivers excellent results every single time!