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Joya Mia® Dipping powder Collection Includes: -60 Dipping Powder Colors - 1 Bond - 1 Base - 1 Activator - 1 Top Coat - 1 Brush Saver - 1 Cuticle Oil - 1 Clear Powder Instruction for JOYA MIA® Dipping Powder System: 1) Push the cuticles back and buff your nails to remove shine, dirt or oil. 2) Cover the prepped natural nail plate with Joya Mia® Bond and let it air dry before applying the Base Coat. 3) Apply Joya Mia® Base Coat and dip your nails in the Joya Mia® Clear Powder. Then, tap the powder excess from your nails. 4) Apply Joya Mia® Base Coat and dip in the Joya Mia® Color Powder. 5) Repeat step #4. (use brush saver to clean any left over powder on the brush). 6) Apply Joya Mia® Base Coat and dip in the Joya Mia® Clear Powder. 7) Apply a generous amount of Activator on each nail. Allow it to dry and make sure to cover the edges and cap the free edge. 8) Once dry, shape the nails with a file or Joya Mia® E-File. (You may use a buffer to smooth the nail area.) Rinse hands with water, Do NOT use soap, and let them dry. If you don't want to use water, you may use a brush to remove the dust excess. 9) Apply another coat of Activator , in order to get the perfect shine you may apply the final step right away. 10) Apply the Joya Mia® Top Coat and wait for 30 seconds. 11) Apply a slower, more detailed second layer of Top Coat. Wait 1-2 minutes to dry.