Joya Mia Dipping Powder Starter Kit

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Find out why Joya Mia's Dipping Powder is preferred over any other brand in the industry!

Want high-quality nail products that are long-lasting and nourishing for your nails? Look no further than Joya Mia's Dipping Powder Starter Kit.

Our raved-about vitamin-infused oil will give your fingers the finishing touch that will step your nail game up to the next level.

Beautiful nails start here with Joya Mia's Starter Kit.

Take a look at what is included in the package:

· Three amazing pigments
· Clear powder
· Essential 1 - 6 Steps liquids:

  1. Bond (Gets rid of excess oils)
  2. Base (Adheres the powder)
  3. Activator (Activates the magic)
  4. Top (Shiny top coat to complete your masterpiece)
  5. Vitamin oil (Nourishes your fingers w/ enriched vitamins)
  6. Brush Saver (Does exactly what it says, saves the integrity of your brushes)

 *No LED/UV lamp needed*

Joya Mia's highly pigmented powders are also monomer compatible with achieving acrylic nails!