Joya Mia Magic Chrome Pen - Pearl Gold MAS05

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Do you believe in magic?

Introducing Joya Mia’s Magic Pens!

25 vibrant colors, 5 different series.

Everything you need in 1 pen.

Chrome powder jars are the ways of the past. Stop wasting product and money with application sponges.

Get your hands on Joya Mia’s Magic Pen with pre-filled product and a built-in application.


  • High quality, true chrome color. 
  • Use for nail decoration
  • Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails. 
  • Professional use only. Avoid contact with eyes.


How to use:

  • Step 1: Base coat
  • Step 2: Black coat
  • Step 2: Second black coat
  • Step 3: Top coat
  • Step 4: Apply our amazing Magic Chrome Pen
  • Step 5: Top coat