Liquid Monomer 1 Gallon

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Joya Mia offers a high-quality EMA Liquid Monomer for Acrylic Nail System that keeps your nails and skin healthy! 

Let’s take a look at the primary features of the product:

· The primary ingredient is ethyl methacrylate (EMA) 
· No methyl methacrylate (MMA) 
· No yellowing 
· Three different size variations 
· Made in the U.S.A 

One of the reasons why Joya Mia is the leading brand in the industry is that we take care of our customers. Each of our products has a carefully designed formula that is absolutely safe for the health of your nails and skin. EMA Liquid Monomer for Acrylic Nail System Joya Mia has been made of 100% ethyl methacrylate. That is the recommended ingredient to be used for liquid monomers. 

We made our product 100% free of methyl methacrylate. MMA is not considered healthy for your nails and skin in a liquid state, which is why you should only use No MMA nail monomers. We recommend using Joya Mia Acrylic Liquid Monomer in combination with our acrylic powders. Both items were designed with compatibility in mind. If used together, you will prevent discoloration and secure extraordinary absorption and adhesion. As long as you use our components in the process of coloring your nails, we guarantee absolutely no yellowing. 

You can choose between three different size variations of EMA Liquid Monomer for Acrylic Nail System. The biggest pack is a 1-gallon bottle (3785 mL), but we also offer 32-ounce (950mL) and 16-ounce (475 mL) bottles. The bigger the pack the longer you can use the product and the biggest packaging can secure you for a long time. 

Joya Mia Acrylic Liquid Monomer is manufactured in the United States of America and complies with all the required safety and quality standards.


 Ingredients: ethyl methacrylate, 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate


Disclaimer: A small amount may spill due to the transportation process by the carrier. Joya Mia is not responsible for the spill, please contact carrier for assistance in opening a claim if this occurs.