O2 FLOW Commercial size Air Purifier with Hepa and carbon filter

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We spend 80% of our time indoors everyday where bacteria, mold, pollutants, and viruses can multiply. This compromises our quality of life indoors.
Introducing Joya Mia’s O2 FLOW, a revolutionary air purifier that will enhance your way of life.

• Air quality light indicator
• Real-time air monitoring
• Timer option
• Sleep mode
• Wheels for easy transfer
• 3-layer filter to ensure the purest air delivered

1. Pre-Filter: PM10 particle pollution elimination, Pet dander, hair, dust mites, debris
2. HEPA Filter: PM 2.5 particle pollution matter elimination, Bacteria, mold, pollutants, and viruses
3. Carbon Filter: layer eliminates odor such as formaldehyde found in nail products.
• Auto-detects impurities and automatically adjusts strength
• Powder filter covers up to a 1100 sq ft. room
• Simple controls

O2 Flow… “Breathe in the Difference.”

  ***o2 Flow masks and filters are final sale***