o2 Flow Electrical Air Purifier Mask with HEPA and Carbon Filter

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WHY O2 FLOW?                                                 

•Superior protection                                            



•Multiple uses beyond Covid-19                           



Replaceable 4 Stage filter: HEPA H-13, Carbon

 • Natural breathing with 2 speed fan

 • Comfortable silicone face and ear loops

 • Can be sterilized for reuse



• Effective Protection

• 98.8% purification efficiency

• Reusable

• Filter is replaceable

• Unit and pieces can be sterilized

• USB Rechargeable Lithium ion battery

• Comfortable to wear

• Silicone fits to face

• Double speed fan to effect normal breathing, even when exercising

• Soft adjustable ear loops

• Exhaust valve

• One size fits most

Active fresh air system,
built-in long-acting ultra quiet micro-motor wind wheel.
After repeated experiments, the motor speed is set to 5000/7500.
The speed is adjusted according to the two-speed air
volume adjustment, allowing you to breathe!
Combining the aerodynamic principle and the
design of a three-dimensional purification air duct, the
diffused air intake has a sufficient air intake volume
and provides six times the fresh air required for normal
breathing every hour, ensuring that the breathing is
smooth at all times and not stuffy!

The active exhaust valve is based on aerodynamic principle.
When you exhale, the air pressure is generated internally by the
wind. The atmospheric pressure inside the mask is greater than the
external atmospheric pressure. The exhaust valve is automatically
opened. The lower exhaust hole is exhausted, no longer causing
secondary damage. At the same time, it can also make the mask fit
closer to the face, and the continuous air can prevent bacteria from
breeding and protect human health to the greatest extent.
At the same time, because the exhaled exhaust gas is
discharged from the lower exhaust valve, you no longer have to
worry about getting your face wet due to poor expiratory air,
making your wearing more comfortable!

This breathing purifier adopts the surrounding
wind to simulate natural breathing,
keep the user’s mouth and nose moist,
and has an unparalleled natural breathing
and comfortable experience.

Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Rated Capacity: 300mAh
Maximum charge voltage: 4.25V
maximum charge current: 300mA
Final voltage: 3.0V
min-max ambient temperature: 14 - 113 degrees F

Built-in 300 mAh large-capacity battery
charges in 2-2.5 hrs
2-6 hours of battery life
on a single charge, so you can avoid charging
trouble when going out!
The high-density polymer lithium-ion battery
is safe and reliable for your peace of mind.

fan noise: 50-56dB


The silicone ear band can be
adjusted freely and combined with the
Velcro protection belt to make the mask close to
your face, to ensure the tightness of the mask,
even when riding, you don’t have to worry about
the mask falling off.
The Velcro and ear bands
can also be removed at any time, and you
can choose how you want to wear them.

•Medical grade water based silicone makes it a safe, comfortable and secure fit around the face
•Two speed fan provides an active fresh air system
•Ultra quiet micro-motor fan, set to optimal motor speeds 5,000/7,500rpm
•Breathing is normal whatever activity is in progress.
•Less drying out of nose and mouth
•Active exhaust valve
•Makes the mask fit closer to the face
•Keeps air circulating
•Soft silicone ear bands
•Makes wearing more comfortable, especially for longer timeframes
•Can be adjusted and combined with a Velcro “belt” to ensure tightness of the mask



1- Blue Front Case + 1 Filter

2- Host

3- Carry Bag

4- USB Charging Cable

5- Velcro + Manual

6- Ear Band 


 ***o2 Flow masks and filters are final sale***