o2 Flow Touch-Less Infrared Thermometer

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Main Features of This Product:

1. We have been committed to quality for more than 10 years and our products have consistently met stringent US and EU quality and safety standards.

2. High precision infrared sensor imported from Germany, stable and reliable performance.

3. Strong environmental adaptability, can be accurately measured in complex environments.

4. The measurement error is less than 0.36℉(0.2℃).

5. Large size LCD screen, high brightness backlight with 3 display colors and clear text display. Mom can easily tell if the temperature is normal based on the color of the monitor

6. Automatic shutdown power save

7. Body temperature and object temperature are two kinds of measurement mode, use one key to switch the mode, convenient and practical.

8. Automatically saves the last ten measurements.

The benefits of measuring body temperature with a forehead thermometer gun:

Non-contact measurement can avoid cross infection.

Quick measurement, ordinary mercury thermometer takes 10 minutes to measure the temperature, our forehead temperature gun only takes 1 second to measure an accurate result.