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Joya Mia's THERMAL-X Thermalchromatic Ink

Thermal-X will give your nails that psychedelic effect of a mood ring with the slightest touch or change in temperature. Get your hands on the latest trend in the nail world!

Thermal-X by Joya Mia Instructions:

1. Prep the nail and apply base coat

2. Apply a dark base color (Black will show the best effect)

3. Apply Thermal-X evenly or draw design.

4. Let it dry completely!!!

5. Apply top coat and cure.


-We recommend using a black base gel to bring out the full effect of Thermal-X

-You may use Thermal-X to create any desired designs and creations!

***To ensure longevity of product, please be sure to close your jar completely to prevent product drying out. This product has a shelf life of approximately 12 months with proper care and storage.***


ThermalX By Joya Mia

ThermalX by Joya Mia